Dust Free Silica Sand

Dust Free Silica Sand

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We offer better quality dust free silica sand in standard packing options. The finest grade of sand is guaranteed by us via a formulation and grading system which is innovative and molded for latest technology. Our processed silica sand has zero dust and zero percent moisture. It finds use in Foundry Industry for removing the fines and dust particles as they are hazardous for castings. We use dry methods to manufacture dust-free silica sand which ensures zero moisture content and zero waste of water. This best grade product is delivered with highest possible purity and is ideal for foundry and casting grades.


Specification of Dust Free Silica Sand :-

Test Name Sample Marks Test Method Result
Alumina As AL2O3% 1 IS 1917 (Part 4) 1996 (Reaff 2001) 1.07
Calcium asCaO% 1 IS 5949:1990 (Reaff 2004) 0.11
Iron as Fe2O3% 1 IS 1997 (Part 5) 1992 (Reaff 1998) 0.4
Loss on ignition (LOI)% 1 IS 1917 (Part -1):1991 (Reaff 2001) 0.26
Magnesium as MgO% 1 IS 1917 (Part 6) 1992 (Reaff 1998) 0.04
Silica as SiO2% 1 IS 1917 (Part 3):1992 (Reaff 1998) 97.92
Titanium as TiO2% 1 IS 1917 (Part 7) 1991 Reaff 2006 ND

Uses :-

  • In electrical lines & pipes, as backfill
  • In septic tanks
  • In water filtering
  • On top of slick roads, as a spread